These good people showed out for me like no other, and deserve way more than a shout!

My Blood & Platelet Donors

Sherry Agnos (Art Agnos & Molly Brown too)
Lupe Avila
Art Chen
Valerie Edwards
Melody Ferris
Jennie Chin Hansen
Martha Martinez
Dian Quinn
David McGahee
*I know a couple of you attempted, but were not a match – THANKS for trying!

My Awesome Friends & Community

Jo Ann Madigan & David Chatfield
Peter Bratt, Maya Bratt & Family
Lupe Avila, David McGahee & Café
Richard Moves Camp, Arvella Moves Camp & Family
Peggy Saika & Art Chen
Josie Camacho & Victor Uno
Miya Saika Chen, Malcolm Amado Uno & Ruby
Kori Chen
Sherry Hirota & Family
Mahnaz Badihian, Jahangir Sadeghi & Family
Aileen Chui & Jimmy Chu
Ali Wong & Justin Hakuta
Mimi, Adolphus & Tammy Wong
Amy Chung
Andria Lo
Billy Polson & Mike Clausen
Cathy Spensley & David Spensley
Crissy Liu & Family
Crystal Chin (a.k.a. Wifey)
Cynthia Quan, Jason Lee & Jack Walden Lee
Dana Lee-Smirin
Darrick Lam, Jackie Wong & Family
Daryl Higashi & Linda Ueda
Dian Quinn & Family
Erica Solway & Murphy
Fernando Torres-Gil
Gal Spinrad, David Spinrad & Family
Gloria Cavanaugh
Gloria So
Gordon Chin
Heidi Kao Gonzalez & Roberto Gonzalez
Janet Leese, Scott Leese & Family (Brayden & Caleb)
Jasmin Thana
Jennie Chin Hansen, Phil Abrams & Family
Jenny Lam & Family (Keith Parker, Simone & Jackson)
Joanne Lee
Josef Anolin
Julia Liou & Sam Yang
Kent Uyehara & Family
Linda Edelstein
Mahvand Sadeghi & Pooyan Sadeghi
Michael Lerner, Sharyle Patton & Rafi
Miguel de Loza
Nina Wang, Anthony Wang & Family (Ella & Audrey)
Norman Fong
Pamela Calloway
Paul Lim & Family
Phuong Quach
Raúl Fernández-Berriozábal
Russell Short
Ryan Turner
Sharon Hing
Sherry Agnos, Art Agnos, Molly & Family
Shireen McSpadden & D.J. Seigman
Shirin Sadeghi & Dilivar & Family
Stacy Kirshbaum & Lenny
Steve Nakajo
Susana Ming Lowe
Thu Quach, Gavin Tachibana & Family (Tai & Kenji)
Tony Sarmiento & Family
Valerie Edwards & Hale Ina
Vincent Pan
Winston Lee
Will Donnelly
Yasmin Malik
Mary Propheter & Family
Nadya Bratt & Family
Georgia Williams-Bratt & Family
Dawn Moves Camp
Jasmine Bratt & Family
Mary Propheter & Family
Lura Roberts, Mariah Roberts & Families
Bruce Long Fox & Family
Melody Ferris & Mike Allen
Martha Martinez & Family
Karen & Ben
Chris Borgzinner
Rencho Wahpepah
Redhouse Poncho
Yoko Kaneko

Special thanks for the generosity of these big talents who made this project possible

Samson Lee, Web Design & Development
Crystal Chin, Graphic Design
Robert Houser, Photography

I’m mega grateful to so many more people than I can name on this list, but I must give propers to these particular friends and mentors, who have been actively involved in my circle of care during my most drastic treatments and surgeries. In the absence of family, these are the spooky-smart and generous folks who stepped up and have taken me to endless medical appointments and emergency room visits, coordinated my care needs, packed and moved my apartment while I was too sick to lift a finger, and have literally done my dirty laundry. They continue to help me advocate for my health, wave my list of drug and food allergies at the nurses, sit with me through pain, discomfort and uncertainty, make me homemade meals to meet perpetually changing restrictions, dog-sit for Malcolm, fix broken things in my apartment, talk me through the dark times, laugh with me when it gets funny and do just about anything when I need help. Most important, these are the people who keep believing in me!