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It’s DOCTA Jade Gangsta, If Ya Nasty


On June 16, 2017, Malcolm dog and I walked in the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs graduation ceremony at Royce Hall. I finished my PhD in Social Welfare! My dissertation was entitled, Occupied with Cancer: Trajectories of Employment/Education and Psychological Distress among Socioculturally Diverse Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients. When I began doctoral studies at […]

Even My Dog Got Cancer


A few days after I first felt the nickel-size lump on his rib cage, the mass changed from soft and squishy to hard and firmly anchored. The vet decided to surgically biopsy the entire lump for analysis, because the initial needle aspiration drew some blood in addition to fat cells. Some dogs develop harmless lipomas […]

The Malcolm Dog: Legit Service Dog, State of California


Years ago, her shapes began to get smaller, softer and more bendy. It didn’t spook me, but it did get harder to know her from a distance at the park. I got used to it though. She was now the slow-moving, hunched-over, puffy jacket with the round fuzzy top. She started sitting on the hardwood […]