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Black Cancer Girl Magic


It’s #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth. Young people, Black people, and women people get colorectal cancer too! I’m honored to ink this laugh-cry-laugh-cry story of Chellese Parker and Iman Perry to tell you how it is… The fact that their table was the only one with a grip of cancerous people of color (POC) at CancerCON, made me ask […]

Stop Saying “Ethnic” To Mean Nonwhite


My shout to #NationalMinorityCancerAwareness week and #NationalMinorityHealth month – a little knowledge that I think will help us be better cancer advocates, care providers, researchers, friends, family members, and anyone else in our culturally diverse world. In the process of overhearing a friend set up a tablet, I asked, “Why is the [digital assistant’s] name […]