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Minority within Minority: #AintIaSurvivor


After an exhausting eight hours of pulmonary (lung) function testing, the head pulmonologist at one of the country’s top pulmonary function labs in California, handed me the written results of my performance, and explained the series of tables and graphs. “You lost 40% of your lung tissue, and according to these tests, the 60% of […]

Invisible Disability


All things considered, passing for healthy is a pretty awesome thing, but that means I now have an invisible disability – a not so super power. The other day, I went to the bank and parked at a regular metered spot, hanging up my disabled parking placard on my rear view mirror, so I don’t […]

The Privilege of Motherhood – Happy Mother’s Day!


When you’re a woman my age going through cancer treatment, you’re constantly asked at every visit if there’s any chance you might be pregnant, and regardless of your answer, they administer a pregnancy test. It seems these tests are given routinely before they proceed with almost anything – and each of my visits to the […]