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Fast and Furry-Us Friends


When Mark Nepo asked us to pair up for an exercise at his writing/spiritual retreat in Santa Barbara, I turned to my new friend, Bill. At the start of the retreat, we corralled ourselves together in the same row of seats with his service dog, Forest, and my service dog, Malcolm. Mark asked us to […]

Today … I Ran!


When my former personal training colleagues, Billy and Mike, came over for lunch a couple weeks ago, I mentioned how much I miss being physically strong, and that I’d been thinking a lot about just putting on some running clothes and heading out. Billy suggested, “You should. Why not?” Fear. I’ve been afraid of the […]

Bald Is The New Black


During my initial six-month course of ABVD chemotherapy treatments, nurses told me that my hair would fall out by the second treatment. For some reason, it hung on for a few treatments beyond that – feeding my false hope that perhaps it wouldn’t fall out at all. Part of me was upset that I had […]