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My Cancer Research Got Published!


Totally worth surviving cancer 2x! My first article published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal as first author. “What do adolescents and young adults want from cancer resources? Insights from a Delphi panel of AYA patients,” published in the Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer. Click HERE for the full article. More importantly, findings from this […]

Flexed Half My Lungs on The Stupid Cancer Show


I just got interviewed by Matthew Zachary​ for The Stupid Cancer Show’s Survivor Spotlight – flexing my I-still-got-half-my-lungs strength, to ramble on for way too long on the front end​. Slightly embarrassing. But there it is now – up in the SoundCloud permasphere. Matthew is a cancer gangster himself, plus the CEO of Stupid Cancer​, a nonprofit […]

Believe That–Researching AYA Cancer with Dr. Brad Zebrack


When I first thought about pursuing a PhD on surviving young adult cancer, I checked out what had already been done, Googling “young adult cancer survivorship,” “young adult cancer psychosocial,” and “aya cancer social work.” (AYA stands for adolescent and young adult.) The first search term produced 4 out of the first 10 articles authored by […]