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Survivorship in Communities of Color–You Are Not Alone! #AintIaSurvivor


Black, brown, yellow, mixed-race, shame, stigma, religion, family or none, bone marrow challenges due to race, why we (people of color) don’t participate in existing programs, and how we won’t go down like death by a million papercuts! Oh, we went there and back and we’re ready to do it again! Yesterday, at #CancerCON in […]

Stop Saying “Ethnic” To Mean Nonwhite


My shout to #NationalMinorityCancerAwareness week and #NationalMinorityHealth month – a little knowledge that I think will help us be better cancer advocates, care providers, researchers, friends, family members, and anyone else in our culturally diverse world. In the process of overhearing a friend set up a tablet, I asked, “Why is the [digital assistant’s] name […]

Cancer Doesn’t Inoculate Against Heartache


It’s like I ate food that I thought was good for me, but now it’s rotting inside me. The pain of heartbreak is tearing through my veins, running over feeble organs and scar tissue, with no regard for parts of me that are already injured. “Be brave,” was the thing I said to myself, as […]