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Stayin Woke with “We Gon’ Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation”


Was this really just one week ago? As the horror of the 45th president unfolds each day, the punishment of being forever banished to a high-risk health insurance pool due to my cancer history brews thicker on the horizon … along with many other personal fears. I’ve been looking back on these photos of protest as […]

Flexed Half My Lungs on The Stupid Cancer Show


I just got interviewed by Matthew Zachary​ for The Stupid Cancer Show’s Survivor Spotlight – flexing my I-still-got-half-my-lungs strength, to ramble on for way too long on the front end​. Slightly embarrassing. But there it is now – up in the SoundCloud permasphere. Matthew is a cancer gangster himself, plus the CEO of Stupid Cancer​, a nonprofit […]

Insurance FINALLY Approved Radiation Therapy!


This past week has been annoying. For some unknown reason, my insurance wouldn’t authorize radiation therapy, so I’ve been on the phone nonstop with insurance folks, the medical group and various departments at UCSF. It finally took my transplant coordinator to step in and have her staff communicate to the insurance provider that they are […]