Facing Chemo Project in VIEWFIND


Facing Chemo "Tania"Sparking the Facing Chemo project as Robert Houser’s photographic subject, watching him grow it to large scale international reach, and subsequently establish the Facing Light Foundation, continues to be a personally transformative and humbling experience.

“In 2008, photojournalist Robert Houser was nearing the end of a routine magazine shoot for Associations Now when his subject, Christabel, disclosed something that would alter both the assignment and the course of Houser’s career. She said that it was advantageous the shoot was happening now because she was about to undergo chemotherapy and would soon lose all of her hair.

Houser wanted to be able to give her a token to help her get through the experience so he offered to photograph her journey. It wasn’t until five years later, in the middle of her second battle with chemotherapy, that she called him back asking if his offer still stood. Two days later, the two spent a rainy afternoon in her San Francisco apartment drinking tea, eating chocolate and taking photographs.

The experience was so powerful that Houser decided to continue this series, reaching out to a number of cancer support groups and oncology offices in the Bay Area …”

Check the full VIEWFIND feature entitled, In Sickness and In Health.

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