[Warrior Wednesday] Thanks for the shout, Stupid Cancer!


Stupid Cancer #WarriorWednesdayName: Christabel Cheung

Connection to Stupid Cancer: I’m a two-time cancer survivor (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and a doctoral student at UCLA doing research on young adult cancer survivorship.

Guilty Pleasure: Escaping to the beach with my dog, Malcolm, and Mint Galactica Coconut Bliss ice cream.

Super Hero Name & Power: My superhero name would be Jade Gangster, because that’s my cancer-blogging alter ego (jadegangster.com)! My cancer gangster superpower would be that I don’t need lungs – kinda struggling ever since I lost half my lungs to cancer.

Favorite Quote/Saying: “Keep finding the courage to be who you are everywhere.” – Mark Nepo
Diagnosed at 32 with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – and then again at 34 – Christabel “trolled the Internet nonstop for answers to [her] questions” only to find, like so many young adults facing the haze and hurricane of cancer, her searches were met with information for “geriatric patients.” That is, until she found Stupid Cancer.

“When I was in the deep with cancer treatments, it helped to know that someone with a similar situation came out the other end, and not just came out alive, but loving life again.” It is this example of “life gets better” that Christabel chooses to embrace and it is these “badass patient-turned-advocates” whom she loves to advocate alongside.

The thing is, cancer is never really ‘over.’ Especially not for those who face cancer as a youth or young adult. “Cancer keeps popping up in different ways as I get older, and it’ll probably keep doing that until forever.”

“It’s important for the young adult cancer community to respond to the wide range of social and cultural diversity within this population, so that more young adult cancer patients, survivors, and families can benefit from the movement – and the fun.”

Thank you, Christabel for raising your voice for this movement. “It takes courage to be a ‘cancer story.’ It takes courage to expose [your] wounds and scars, and be a perpetual example of ‘how life gets better.’” Thank you for sharing your story and being that example. #WarriorWednesday

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