Five Years Ago Today, I Got Fitted (for a Radiation Mask) & Became Jade Gangster


Five years ago today, in the thick of scary drastic cancer treatments, I wrote this documentation of what it was like to get fitted for a radiation mask. At the time, I was only writing for my private care circle of generous-AF-good-hearted helpers. For some reason, this particular post generated some very moving responses from my friends. This led me to listen to their encouragement to share my personal cancer writing more widely, and I can’t thank them enough for pushing me to leap. Ever since, I’ve made so many meaningful connections with other people hit by cancer. If you haven’t seen it, here is the blog that grew Jade Gangster, my cancer-blogging alter ego …

Imprint of a Radiation Mask
My radiation mask
GangsterLog Stardate 05.24.2011–Yesterday’s radiation planning visit resulted in the production of this pictured face mask for the purpose of immobilizing my head and shoulders during treatment. I should preface by saying that I didn’t show up to this appointment carrying a ton of fear. On the contrary, I was actually treating this visit as a formality before I had to complete radiation treatments that were annoyingly interrupting the main event of my bone marrow transplant. So, it was a surprise to me, when fear crept in and took me out like a sniper … READ MORE

Huge thanks to these special friends, mentors, and relatives who keep rallying for me to keep on writing–Susana Ming Lowe, Jo Ann Madigan, Jennie Chin Hansen, Sherry Agnos, Eric Schmitz, Amy Schmitz, Michael Lerner, Brad Zebrack, Rob Schilling, Peggy Saika, Art Chen, Josie Camacho, Victor Uno, Sherry Hirota, Russell Short, Geraldine Lee, Simon Davies, and many other incredible people.

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