Facing Chemo on BUZZFEED today!


enhanced-16579-1444082182-1If you haven’t heard my story already, the quotes in this BuzzFeed article nicely highlight how Robert Houser​ ended up photographing my baldness on a rainy day in my tiny San Francisco apartment, subsequently growing Facing Chemo, a photographic project and the Facing Light Foundation​. I first met Bob when he photographed me for a magazine story. I was really self-conscious at the shoot, and when he asked about the fresh scar on my collar bone, I told him that I had just been diagnosed with cancer, and was about to lose all my hair. I also remember asking him to please photoshop my teeth, because they were stained from barfing – I was dying but still vain. I’m so very grateful to Bob for how he was with me on that day. I’ve never told him this, but he’s actually the first stranger that I ever told I had cancer. I’m proud to be one of the women featured in these affecting portraits, but I am also beyond sad that we are all united by cancer. Not all of us are alive today, and many of us are facing even tougher obstacles. In all of this, I am forever humbled by the incomprehensible nature of courage, and blown away by how Bob was able to capture so much of this emotion in these images. They will move you …
If you didn’t click through up top, go HERE for the BuzzFeed article.

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