Kind Of A Big Deal–Houseplants


TheMalcolmDog and the Big Deal HouseplantGuest Blogger: @TheMalcolmDog on Instagram

This orchid is kind of a big deal … and not just cause it cost us only $9.99 today, although that’s blog-worthy too. It’s the first houseplant that my human has gotten for herself ever since she got cancer–almost before I was born!

Before my human got super sick, we used to have plants inside, everywhere, all the time–the kind that humans like to just look at, but nobody’s supposed to pee on. She couldn’t be around houseplants for a long time because of low-immunity. She couldn’t be around ME for a while too because of low-immunity.

Cancer is rude.

Then came all the back-and-forth about ‘maybe the cancer’s back,’ so she didn’t want to get houseplants just to give them all away again. But I think she was mostly afraid to jinx the whole thing.

Anyway, this is a pic of me being a bumblebee next to the Big Deal Houseplant. I had to be adorable to cheer up my human. She was scrunching her face and squeezing water out her eyeballs. But fur-real tho, she should be laughing. Every dog knows–orchids look like a bent over human’s butt.

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  1. Karen says:

    fill er up, babe. go for the jungle effect.


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