I Have No Words


2011 During Cancer Treatment for 2nd Diagnosis vs. 2014 No Evidence of CancerTwo weeks ago, Bob Houser celebrated his Facing Chemo Project by inviting his photographic subjects and their loved ones to his family farm in Oakland. (That’s real—a farm in Oakland.) Of course, I made my do-everything-cancerous-with-me friend Jo Ann and her husband David go with me for the cancer induced fun! As part of the festivities, Bob re-photographed each of us formerly bald subjects. This side-by-side portrait is me 3 years ago during treatment next to me today.

I’ve been hopelessly trying to write something worthwhile to accompany the juxtaposition of these two images, but I keep deleting what I’ve written. I’ve now given up. I’ll just say what I told Bob when he first showed me these two images side-by-side—I have no words, I’m just overcome by tears … you should know that I’m not one to cry, and I always have something to say.

Thank you, Bob Houser. You are amazing. I’m so lucky that you came into my life five years ago. I could have never imagined that we would become fast friends and that Facing Chemo would blossom from a blasé work photo shoot. Without a doubt, the incredible community that you’ve created is because your magnetism is at its core. But most of all, thank you for seeing the humanity in cancer … for seeing me.

Bob & me at his farm in OaklandCongrats on your new Facing Life nonprofit to support even more projects like this!

Click HERE for a short video about how the Facing Chemo Project started.

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