Invisible Disability


All things considered, passing for healthy is a pretty awesome thing, but that means I now have an invisible disability – a not so super power. The other day, I went to the bank and parked at a regular metered spot, hanging up my disabled parking placard on my rear view mirror, so I don’t have to feed the meter. I never take the blue parking spaces reserved for handicapped. I just park at a meter and hang my placard.

The woman who parked behind me got out of her car, pointed at my disabled parking placard and barked loudly, “Are you handicapped?”

I replied, “Yes.”

She pressed further, “What’s your handicap?”

“I have cancer,” I said.

“You get a handicap parking sign just for THAT?” she yelled, “CANCER?!”

I didn’t give her a second look and continued walking into the bank, conducted my business, but was pretty shaken up. Who the hell did she think she was to yell at me like that? Why do I have to answer to HER? If I looked more threatening, would she have done the same? I hate people who game the system, and make everyone suspect.

I wanted to do something. So, when I got back to my car, I got out pen and paper and slapped this note onto her windshield:


Yes. I have a handicap parking placard for CANCER. If you knew anything about what it’s like to live with cancer and go through drastic treatments, then you would be ashamed that you behaved like a complete jerk. I hope that you learn to treat strangers with greater compassion.

Best of health to you.

It felt so good to JADE UP!

3 Responses to Invisible Disability

  1. alo says:

    dang. well done!

  2. Jeni Fong says:

    YES! Jade girl 🙂

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