Zero Stem Cells Collected


ZeroStemCellsWith zero stem cells collected yesterday and today’s report back with “very few stem cells” collected today, my oncologist has suggested that I take a break from collection tomorrow. I’ll give myself more Neupogen shots tonight. Then, I’ll go in tomorrow morning for a blood draw, and they’ll test my stem cells from the vial. Based on that result, I’ll go back in the afternoon for another Perixaflor shot and/or transfusion. If the vial has stem cells in it, they’ll have me try the Pheresis process to collect stem cells on Fri, Sat and Mon. But if not, the other option is to operate and get stem cells surgically from my pelvis, which is the old school method that they used in the 70’s. I’m not too excited about this latter option. Apparently there is a rare category of people who hang onto their stem cells in their bones and don’t respond positively to Pheresis. This also happens in patients who have had high doses of radiation or chemotherapy, but I haven’t been radiated and haven’t had enough chemo to cause this unresponsiveness. Please help me pray for my bones to start shooting copious amounts of stem cells into my blood stream!

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