Thanks For Your Blood & Platelet Donations!


Big ups to Jennie Chin Hansen, Sherry Agnos, Melody Ferris and other bashful friends who wish to remain anonymous, for donating blood and platelets to me. And shout outs to Dian Quinn for making a donation to the blood bank in my name even though our blood types aren’t a match. You all are amazing, and I can now boast that you are my blood relatives!

blood donationsSince I have tighter visitor restrictions, I’m sharing this pic that captures the direct results of your generosity. This is my chemo pump. You’ll see it’s hanging with a shit-ton of chemo and two fresh red units of donated O Positive blood on the far right. Thank you so much for your donations! and attempts! I’m going to need blood on an ongoing basis, so if those who qualify can make a regular donation once a month, that would be great. Also, I will need platelet donations – no blood type match needed.

Platelet donations are much more time-consuming and take a couple hours. Since platelet donations only have a shelf life of 5 days, Melody is helping me by compiling a list of prospects so she can get in touch with donors quickly when the need arises.

All of this has been making me super exhausted, nauseated and feeling generally crappy, so I appreciate you all withholding phone calls and visits for now. Greeting cards, pics from healthier times and emails with no expectation of response are a few of my favorite things right now. Sorry, I wish I could respond to them all, but it’s literally impossible.

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